Superannuation and retirement planning

Money means different things to different people, but what always the same is that money is about helping people to get what they need and want in their lives. We work hard on listening to our clients, understanding what is important to them and what they’re prepared to do in order to achieve those things. When we understand their goals and risk profile we can develop recommendations and introduce them to innovative tools that will help them to achieve their goals

Benefits of SMSF
  • Choice and freedom of investments – you make your own investment decisions for your superannuation fund for the best returns
  • Maximum tax payable on contributions and earnings in a SMSF is 15%,
  • Imputation credits on dividends currently at 30% received can reduce the overall tax to be paid, excess credits are refundable
  • Investment can invest up to 100% in business real property (family business premises owned by members)
  • Earnings in the pension phase are tax free
  • On retirement, assets can be rolled over into the pension phase & any capital gains on these assets will have 0% tax
  • SMSF assets in most cases are protected from bankruptcy
Advance Accounting offers specialist superannuation advice in relation to:
  • Establishment of your fund – the trust deed sets out the rules, and who the trustees are;
  • Documentation of the fund’s investment strategy, which is set of rules, behaviors or procedures, designed around the investor’s risk-return trade off, some investors will prefer to maximize expected returns by investing in risky assets, others will prefer to minimize risk, but most will select a strategy somewhere in between
  • Administrative services – keeping accurate and accessible records that explain the transactions and financial position of the fund
  • Pensions – when you retire, you can draw a pension from your super fund to take advantage of tax concessions, including tax on earnings of 0% tax. Ask us about retirement strategies that can minimize the tax on your income stream
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